Mini Lectures

Course by: Bill Arnett and Dr. Vero Martinez

Duration:  10 hours

Dr. Arnett’s and Dr. Vero Martinez’s mini lectures are short topics which are repeatedly requested by Surgeons, Orthodontists, and Prosthodontists at international meetings. The topics are cutting edge and are many of our favorite presentations. These short subjects are extremely important for avoiding complications and producing excellent treatment results.



1- TMJ Study and Planning

This Mini describes the TMJ treatment changes from 1975 until present including open joint surgery, arthroscopy, arthrocentesis, splints, and medications. 

2- Facial Profile Study and Planning

The profile changes of the incisors, ANS, chin and occlusal planes are presented based on 100 consecutive surgical cases planned with the FAB treatment philosophy. Interesting statistical differences between males, females, CII, CIII, and redo surgery are revealed.

3- Essential TMJ Knowledge

Organized CBCT interpretation is described including terminology for condylar position, shape, and cortex. Terminology defines what is normal and abnormal.

4- Form Based TMJ Examination and Treatment

Clinical history and examination, precise CBCT inspection, treatment guidelines, medication rational, and bibliography are presented.

5- Operating Room Condylar Displacement

The etiology of condylar resorption is defined including surgical (dentistry) induced condylar position changes, systemic factor overlay, and specific TMJ considerations.

6- Which Jaw is Operated First – Maxilla or Mandible?

The advantages of operating the lower jaw first and counterclockwise bimaxillary surgery are discussed. Additionally, custom and bendable plates are compared. Two patients are reviewed.

7- Plates vs. Screws Fixation of the Mandible

This Mini literature review delineates the published differences between miniplate vs bicortical screw BSSO fixation. Class II relapse (early/late), BSSO fixation failure, condylar position change/relapse, and inferior alveolar nerve damage are explained.

8- 3-Dimensional Planning

Frontal – CBCT maxillary orientation, CBCT measurement, and CBCT treatment. Profile – NHP orientation, STCA measurement, and CTP treatment.

9- NemoFAB Software Tutorials

Import and alignment of STL model, records, and model merge

10- Legacy Model Surgery Video

 The intricacies of model block surgery are explained to improve results with this technique

Videos / Chapters


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